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We're excited to introduce our Recipe Forum page! 

Check back often for more delicious recipes using our condiments and fresh off the farm fruits, nuts veggies!

Instead of store bought mayo use EIEIO's Garlic Mayonnaise in potato salad, pasta salad, chicken 
or egg salads. Your taste buds will explode!
Baked Salmon:  Spread 1 tsp of EIEIO's Mayo (or our Cilantro Pecan  Pesto) on each salmon filet before broiling. cook on lower rack for 10 mins. i buy delicious!

Baked Chicken:  Rub EIEIO's Mayo all over chicken breasts. Place in a ziplock baggie for an hour (best overnight). Bak at 350˚ for 20 to 25 min.

Baked Chicken Tenders:  Follow above directions and then roll the mayo-marinated tenders in Panko bread crumbs. Bake at 350˚ for 20 mins. 
Check half way through; may need turning.

Homemade Garlic Croutons: Cut up day old bread (1 cup) into cubes and put into a bowl with 2 tbls of EIEIOs Garlic Mayo and 2 tsps melted butter (salted organic). Mix until all bread cubes are coated and bake at 325˚ for 12 min, turning once or twice. If you leave the cubes in a ziplock bag overnight and then bake them it's even better!! 

Feel like fried shrimp tonight? Mix 3 tablespoons of EIEIO Mayo with1 tsp of dill pickle relish and you've got the best tastin' healthy tartar sauce to dip the shrimpies in!
Feel like having Reuben sandwiches? Mix 1 tblsp of EIEIO Mayo with 1 tsp of sweet pickle relish-way better than thousand island dressing!
BLT's & grilled cheese sandwiches are exceptionally delish with EIEIO Mayo

Try EIEIO Cilantro Pecan Pesto in any cooked pasta or ravioli with sauteed garlic shrimp on top! Use a shallow tblsp of pesto per every 2 servings-SO good! We love our pesto in rice-just cook the rice and then add a tblsp of pesto, maybe a sprinkle or 2 of parmesan and viola! We also really enjoy our pesto in cheese quesadillas or chicken enchiladas. Alot of customers say they put the pesto on top of their scrambled eggs-who knew scrambled eggs could taste so gourmet!  One gal told me she likes to take a pie crust, roll it out and spread EIEIO pesto all around, shred some cheddar(we especially like this w/gruyere cheese or even Monterrey Jack) on top of pesto, fold the pie crust over into a half moon and bake per instructions on pie crust. Cut it into pie shaped portions and serve instead of bread with your meal-fun twist to toast!

Try our latest addition is our FIg & Olive Tapenade! Say somebody shows up with a bottle of wine and you want to provide an appetizer-all you  have to do is spoon out some of this incredibly delicious tapenade on top of a block of brie cheese (or cream cheese), drizzle some balsamic vinegar around, toss on some toasted walnuts and serve with some nice crackers or bread-HAPPY HOUR!  We also love our tapenade on top of pork chops- i sear the chops in a bit of olive oil then top them with the tapenade and put a lid on pan til chops are cooked! Or put some tapenade inside a pork tenderloin or a pounded out chicken breast then roll the tenderloin or chicken breast up, lather with dijon mustard and bake-OMG so good...and easy! i tossed some tapenade into a caesar salad recently-'nother big hit! It takes Ham & swiss paninis to a whole new level too!

​​EIEIO's "to die for" Deviled Eggs! 

Take 6 hard boiled eggs and cut in half, remove solid yolk and put in separate bowl. ADD 1 tablespoon of EIEIO's Mayo plus 1 tsp chopped capers to yolks and blend together. Add a sprinkle of dry mustard powder. Fill egg white cups with yolk mixture and refrigerate.

EIEIO Migas and Omelets: 

Mix 3 farm fresh eggs with 1 tsp of EIEIOs Garlic Mayo - DON'T ADD MILK ! 6 eggs/2-3 tsps mayo serves 2-3 people.

Gently heat pan with coconut oil and: 

Crumble up tortilla chips into pan add onions, peppers, tomatoes, whatever you like. Sauté 3-5 minutes til softer, pour in egg/mayo mixture and finish off. Top with lots of cheddar might as well....tomorrow the Omlete!
Just pour egg and mayo mixture in heated pan. When it starts puffing up slice avocado in and flip it shut....Delicious, healthy, easy!!